Useful Links

Useful Links

We want the public to be aware of all the different ways you can get involved during redistricting – here you can find links to important information about local and statewide redistricting.

LACCRC Social Media Toolkit

Feel free to use our toolkit (select content in both English and Spanish) to engage and encourage your community to participate in the redistricting process. Access the toolkit from any computer to simply “Copy and Paste” any of our materials for you to share on your social media and other communications platforms. The LACCRC Social Media Toolkit offers the following content – “Redistricting Essentials”, “Public Hearings”, “Regular Meetings”, and “Commissioner’s Profiles”.

To use the LACCRC Social Media Toolkit, click here.

Submit Draft Map Feedback & Public Hearing Forms

To fill out the Draft Map Feedback form, click here.

To provide feedback about the public hearings to the Commission, click here.

2021 Redistricting Links

LAUSD Redistricting, click here.

Los Angeles County Redistricting, click here.

State of California Redistricting, click here.

2021 Commission Links

Public Hearings Dashboard click here.

Map Development Protocols click here.

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