Reguläre Treffen

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09-30-21, Thursday, (5PM)Special Meeting - Adoption of Draft MapAgenda

Draft Map K2

Draft Map L

Draft Map K2 (with numbers)

Draft Map L (with numbers)

Draft Map K2.5(with numbers)
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10-18-21, Monday, 2021, (6PM)Special Meeting - Amend the Draft MapAgenda

SCLC Presentation

Commission Draft Map K 2.5 Valley Changes

Commission Draft Map K 2.5 Amended 3
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10-19-21, Tuesday, 2021, (6PM)Special Meeting - Amend the Draft MapAgendaZoom Link
10-21-21, Thursday, (6PM)Special Meeting - Adoption of Final MapAgenda

Draft Map K2.5 Final

Draft Map K2.5 Final Zoom In

Draft Map K2.5 Final with NC Overlay
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10-28-21, Thursday, (6PM)Special Meeting - Adopt Final ReportAgenda

2021 LACCRC Draft Report

10-6-21 Meeting Minutes

10-9-21 Meeting Minutes

10-13-21 Meeting Minutes

10-16-21 Meeting Minutes

10-18-21 Meeting Minutes

10-19-21 Meeting Minutes

10-21-21 Meeting Minutes

LACCRC October Meeting Minutes (Combined)

Lex Lingua Contract Amended

Gonzalez Reporting Contract Amended
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