About Us

Vison and Values

Los Angeles City Council Redistricting Commission 2021 Purpose, Vision, Values, & Principles

Core Purpose

To independently draw proposed Los Angeles City Council District boundaries based on census data that will allocate constituents proportionately while also accounting for the unique histories, experiences and interests of communities, such that those interests will have the highest probability of being served by elected representatives and the City of Los Angeles.


To strengthen the governance of the City of Los Angeles by empowering its communities to have their diverse needs served through fair and inclusive representation.

Core Values

Equity, Integrity, Transparency, Respect, Compassion, Dignity, Data-driven, Solution oriented and Interdependence

Operating Principles

  • We will adhere to City, state and federal laws governing redistricting and, to the extent feasible, keep neighborhoods & communities intact, utilize natural boundaries or street lines, and be geographically compact.
  • We will strive to ensure the data utilized captures LA’s communities of interest.
  • We will value community rooted knowledge and different forms of information.
  • We will recognize interdependence to help strengthen the City of Los Angeles as a whole.
  • We will conduct our business with transparency and integrity, our processes will be open, and we will hold true to our purpose, vision, values and operating principles.
  • We will be intentional in creating and investing in opportunities to strengthen capacity and provide access for historically underrepresented communities to allow for full participation of their voices in the process.
  • We will center equity, compassion, respect and dignity of communities in decision-making.
  • We will embrace creative and respectful tension to reach just decisions.
  • We will respect due process, fairness and adherence to the law in all our deliberations.
  • We will strive to equitably understand and acknowledge the different challenges and strengths of LA’s communities of interest.